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BNP’s reform plans a bluff: FM

Published : 20 Dec 2022 10:21 PM | Updated : 21 Dec 2022 07:01 PM

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Tuesday termed the opposition BNP’s 27 points reform plan a ‘bluff’ giving examples of the party’s violent past during the 2001-2006 stint.

 “They have the worst human rights record. They established a reign of terror during the 2001-2006 regime. Now they are talking about human rights,” he said, citing examples of murders, rape and series bomb attack during the BNP’s last regime. 

The minister was replying to questions at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) after attending a seminar.

 The BNP on Monday declared the reform plans to ‘repair the state structure’ once they come to power again. Human rights issues are high on the party’s agenda since the US sanctions on the elite police force, RAB.

 The foreign minister said the government has very good relations with the US. “We don’t have fear of sanctions. America gives sanctions across the world. They give thousands of sanctions….it will come and go. We have very good relations with America. This year we held 16 meetings. We have good relations and that’s why they give many suggestions. This is good. There is no fear or concern in it.”

  He said the BNP established the reign of terror during their time. “Even judges of the court were not safe during their time. Many teachers were killed. Many girls were raped. Minority was not safe at their hands. We have seen bomb attacks across the country during their tenure. Bangladesh became champion of corruption in five consecutive terms. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s rally also came under grenade attack in 2004 when she was the opposition leader.

 “Even one ambassador came under bomb attack. He survived,” the minister without naming the ambassador.

 In 2004, the then British High Commissioner Anwar Chowdhury came under bomb attack in Sylhet, northeastern Bangladesh, while visiting a shrine. Two people were killed and many others including the High Commissioner were wounded.

 The foreign minister said the BNP also killed people in the name of operation clean heart.

 “So, when they speak about human rights…it only invokes laughter. It’s basically a bluff. They should practice human rights in their home first.”

 “People are still afraid of them and that’s why when they called rallies at different parts of the country, the transport owners kept their vehicles closed from running in the fear of violence.”

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