BNP’s blockade, hartal

We want political stability ahead JS poll

Published : 24 Nov 2023 10:01 PM | Updated : 25 Nov 2023 12:30 AM

When a festive mood centring the 12th Jatiya Sangsad (JS) election has started and most political parties are busy with their electoral preparations amid much enthusiasm, the BNP-Jamaat again enforced a 48-hour fresh road-rail-waterway blockade across the country starting from tomorrow (Sunday) morning, giving a break for two days, to protest the schedule for the next national election announced by the Election Commission (EC).

It will be the seventh round of the blockade programme of the BNP since October 31. All want change in government through fair elections. A strike or blockade cannot bring about anything good for the country but rather destruction. So, all we want political stability in the country.

They (BNP-Jamaat) are out to foil the next general election by carrying out clandestine attacks. How will they obstruct the country’s next JS poll? Through clandestine attacks? It will not be possible for them to ruin the country’s democratic procedures by launching surprise petrol bomb attacks during the blockade.

Does the BNP want to go to power over dead bodies? The party’s such barbaric atrocity is very inhuman. If the BNP wants to assume power the party must participate in the 12th national election slated for January 7 to examine whom the people want to see in power.

If the BNP wants to

 assume power the 

party must participate 

in the 12th national election

On the other hand, BNP’s call for election boycott is fading as joyous and festive moods are prevailing centering the upcoming general poll across the country. Some political parties have already quit the BNP-led alliance though the party claimed that they would wage tough movement against the government along with their allies.

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The fast-evolving political situation since October 28 has plunged the country into misery. All sectors including education, business, tourism and transport sectors are facing serious financial bottlenecks due to back-to-back hartal and blockade programmes.  

Besides, from the country’s lower-income individuals to students, general people are also bearing the brunt of hartal and blockade. The businessmen have called for shunning the politics of blockades and hartals saying that a day of such protests cost the economy up to Tk6500 crore.

Strikes or blockades are very harmful to the economy, education, transport sector and tourism sector. After the disastrous phase of COVID-19, the country’s vital sectors are desperately trying to turn around and rebound but the recent hartal and blockade are making them vulnerable again. 

The government is also taking all preparations to set an example holding the next general election in a free and fair manner. To hold a free, fair and non-violent election, all irrespective of political affiliation should exhibit topmost sincerity.