BNP’s 48-hour blockade

Enough is enough, violence must stop

Published : 04 Nov 2023 09:21 PM

When different political parties on Saturday held talks with the Election Commission (EC) to be informed about preparations for the 12th Jatiya Sangsad election, BNP enforced a 48-hour blockade from today (Sunday) 

Following its October 28 rally, the BNP observed a nationwide dawn-to-dusk hartal and enforced a three-day blockade. During the non-stop violence many vehicles were burnt, damaged while dozens of people were left severely injured. Around one hundred policemen were injured and a police constable was killed during BNP’s atrocities. They also launched planned attacks on journalists and set fire to many vehicles across the country. 

They are still engaged in clashes with the law enforcers in different districts.Due to panic conditions and street violence, low-income people especially day labourers and street vendors in the cities are suffering due to BNP’s destructive activities as their daily sales or income have sharply dropped. 

Meanwhile, BNP senior leaders are saying their party’s one-point movement to topple the government would continue ‘until victory is achieved’.The fact is that BNP is hoping for the re-installation of the interim government that will never be materialised.

Movement of BNP means arson terrorism, killing people, destroying public properties and burning vehicles as the party is the patron of anti-liberation forces and militancy and the trusted resort of communalism.We are noticing that BNP is giving signal that it will add the elements of violence to its movement. 

So, the people are now panicked now.The EC has Constitutional obligation to conduct the 12th national by January 29, 2024.Keeping this in mind, the commission is working hard to arrange the next general elections in a free, fair and participatory manner.

Movement of BNP means 

arson terrorism, killing 

people, destroying public

 properties and

burning vehicles  

A peaceful environment is prevailing in the country. But the BNP is not ready to test itself before the people and that is why the party fears to participate in elections, a democratic way to test public opinion.Because of election panic, they (BNP leaders) are indulged in plot to destroy the fair and peaceful environment of elections.

BNP’s founder military dictator Ziaur Rahman sent the country’s democracy in exile after seizing the state power unconstitutionally and he presented a curfew-mark democracy before the nation.Under the martial law, Zia arranged ‘Yes-No Vote’ in 1977, the Presidential polls in 1978 and the general elections in 1979.

Later, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, wife of Zia, followed in the footprints of her husband and in continuation of that, Khaleda held an election of farce on 15 February in 1996 aiming to grab the state power.So, the countrymen describe BNP as a democracy-destroying evil political force.

But, this time most of the BNP leaders want to participate in the polls though the party’s high command and senior leaders are telling to boycott the elections.

As the BNP and its allies boycotted the January 5 national parliament elections in 2014, its all tiers leaders from grassroots to central, got frustrated and accused the party’s high command and some influential leaders of taking such suicidal decision.

Besides, the party had also an evil intention to make the December 30 general election questionable and it is still trying to do so.This also made the party’s active leaders and activists demoralised across the country.

Simultaneously, the party also became isolated from the mass people as it had no representations in the present parliament.

We think the party would not be able to prevent their leaders from participating in polls this time, if BNP boycott the next general elections.The commission will organise the polls and the government will provide all out cooperation to hold a free, fair and neutral elections.

But if the BNP continued to try to create anarchy in the name of so called movement, the party must not be allowed to play this game of division in politics.