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BNP resorts to arson attacks instead of joining polls

Foreign Ministry says

Published : 03 Dec 2023 05:27 PM

A faction of the BNP has again turned to its old habit of carrying out arson attacks to burn public property instead of participating in the upcoming 12th national polls, said foreign ministry on Saturday. 

"A fraction of BNP, a major opposition political party -instead of participating- resorted to burning private and public properties, blockades, hartals, and are boycotting the upcoming election (although many of its ownleaders are participating)," said the ministry in a post on its verified Facebook page.

The statement read that a large number of nomination papers were submitted amid fanfare and festivity by the aspiring candidates for the upcoming 12th 

national parliamentary elections to be held on January 7, 2024. 

The Election Commission received a total of 2,711 nomination papers against 

300 constituencies across the country.

After completion of a 15 day timeframe on November 30, 2023, candidates 

totaling 1964 from 30 political parties out of 44 registered political 

parties submitted their nomination papers.

A total of 303 candidates from Awami League, 304 from Jatiya Party, 218 from 

Zaker Party, 151 from Trinamool BNP, 142 from National People's Party, 116 

from Bangladesh Congress, and others from the remaining parties submitted their nomination papers.

The participation of the candidates across a wide variety of political 

parties with a lot of interest and enthusiasm has so far been a hallmark of 

the free, fair and transparent election process which the Election Commission 

is committed to advance.

Additionally, the post said, a staggering 747 candidates submitted their 

nomination papers as independent candidates including about 33 former BNP MPs 

and leaders. 

This also highlights the participatory nature of the upcoming elections. 

The nomination papers will be scrutinized from December 1-4, 2023, and 

candidatures can be withdrawn by December 17, 2023. 

Earlier, the schedule for the 12th national parliamentary elections was 

announced by Chief Election Commissioner KaziHabibulAwal on November 15,