BNP-Jamaat mayhem again in city

They must not be spared

Published : 29 Oct 2023 09:16 PM

It has been proved again that Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is a terrorist party as it does not understand anything except terrorism. 

BNP-Jamaat-e-Islami had made Bangladesh a country of terror and they patronised terrorism during its tenure. They (BNP-Jamaat) know how to destroy. 

They do not know how to create anything. They do not know how to serve the people but they only know how to burn people to death, indulge in corruption and plunder as well as fulfil self interest.

We strongly condemn and protest the Saturday’s anarchy and terror acts unleashed by Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-Jamaat-e-Islami clique in the capital Dhaka. 

They (BNP-Jamaat) have again unleashed a reign of terror across the capital city in the name of rally. They launched brutal attack on journalists, cops and workers and leaders of Awami League (AL) during the mayhem.  

At least one cop was killed and 150 others were injured in the attack. Besides, at least 20 journalists were injured during clashes in the capital and several of them were attacked by BNP men. The BNP men also attacked over 50 AL workers and leaders. 

They (BNP-Jamaat) also set fire on different government establishments and vehicles and attacked residence of chief justice, hospitals, media workers, members of law enforcement agencies as well as business establishments. National dailies on Sunday ran stories on BNP-Jamaat terror acts in detail.

BNP leaders had given commitment before the nation that their rally would be a peaceful one. Was the Saturday rally a template of peaceful protest?   

BNP will not be able to reap any benefit unleashing a reign of terror. It is now clear to all that BNP is the flag-bearer of politics of intolerance and vengeance. The people do not believe any more that BNP will establish democracy in the country by running the party on undemocratic paths.

Like Israel, BNP men carried out arson terrorism on Rajarbagh Police Lines Hospital premises by setting fire to seven vehicles. There are no words to fully express our condemnation of BNP-Jamaat brutal attacks on a hospital.

Was the Saturday

 rally a template of 

peaceful protest?  

They are now very active in plotting against the country and government as well. Like in the past, they have already stepped up their ill-efforts ahead of the next 12th parliamentary elections in order to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and install a dictator being imbued with the anti-liberation thought. 

BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman, convicted in several cases (in absentia) including that of the sensational August 21 grenade attack, staying in London, is maintaining constant communication with the high profile plotters.

Some influential persons led by Tarique Rahman are helping the organised evil forces comprising several vested quarters and extreme communal groups incited by the anti-liberation forces and killers of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and their patrons in order to make Bangladesh a failed country. 

We think such terror and destructive acts, aggressive speeches and unruly rally and processions will harm the peaceful environment ahead of the country’s next general elections and instigate violence across the country.      

The government must punish those who are engaged in such heinous activities and plot against the country and the government staying at home and abroad.

It seems clear that there has been a deep-rooted plot as the BNP wants to push politics and democratic procedure toward confrontation deliberately in order to foil the country’s next general election. The next 12th general election is very near so that this is an acid test for those who believe in the development of democracy and the Liberation War. BNP is involved in waging movement to overthrow the government whereas AL is busy holding movement to protect people's lives. All achievements will go in vain if we fail to convey the spirit of Bangladesh’s Liberation War at all the doorsteps across the country. 

A lot of changes have happened over the last five decades. Therefore, such evil forces must not be spared at all.