‘BNP-Jamaat conducts arson attack in the name of blockade’

Published : 12 Nov 2023 10:29 PM | Updated : 12 Nov 2023 10:29 PM

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud has said that BNP-Jamaat is conducting arson attacks in the name of countrywide blockade. 

“BNP has spent 15 years dreaming of going to power in an undemocratic way boycotting elections and none knows how many more years will pass,” the minister said while talking to reporters at the secretariat on Sunday.

Dr Hasan Mahmud said, “As a political party, BNP has a right to protest, they even can demand the resignation of the government. But that doesn't mean burning vehicles or properties,” he said.

He also said that the government, the countrymen and the state have the responsibility to continue the march of the democracy. And everything will be done whatever is needed, he added. 

“No one can support their activities. Many members of the European Parliament condemned their actions. Many others condemned from abroad. BNP has tried to mislead many people in various ways, but no one has supported their activities and cannot do so,” he said.  

Regarding BNP’s participation in the election, Hasan Mahmud said that any political party has the right to join the election or not. But no one has the right to prevent the election.

Dr Hasan Mahmud, also the joint general secretary of Awami League, said, “Speaking of resisting elections means speaking against the country and democracy. We, along with the people will resist if anyone tries to make malicious attempts. The responsibility of the government and the state is to continue the march of democracy. For this, we will do whatever needs to be done.”

Alleging that BNP wants to create an unusual situation by destroying the country's democracy, he also said that it has taken them 15 years to realize this dream. “I don't know how many years will pass,” the AL leader said.

When asked, if BNP does not come to the election, then what will happen, he said, in that case, elections must be held to continue democracy. If one party does not join, many other parties will come, he said.

There will be wide public participation in the elections and a free, fair and participatory election will be held, Hasan Mahmud remarked.

He said Election Commission (EC) is organizer of the poll and they will declare an election schedule. The election will be held as per the schedule, and if the party (BNP) joins the poll within the period, the election will be held with their participation, he added.

Hasan Mahmud said there are many other political parties and they will take part in the election. The countrymen will also take part in the poll, he added.