‘BNP hiring foreign agents to spread anti-poll propaganda’

Published : 04 Jan 2024 09:45 PM

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud on Thursday said BNP recruited some Jewish agents to spread falsehood against January 7 election after being rejected by the people.

“People have rejected BNP’s call of resisting poll. Now they are urging to boycott election and employed some Jewish agents including David Bergman to make the poll questionable,” he said while replying to a query of reporters at his secretariat office here.

In fact, the minister said, the countrymen have rejected BNP’s anti-poll campaign. Now they are urging to boycott the poll which means BNP’s voice against election is fading away, said Hasan.

BNP’s recruited lobbyists are writing articles in different foreign newspapers. But there is no benefit of their evil motive,” he said, adding that Begum Khaleda Zia also had written article in a US newspaper by her name against the country.

The information minister said it is nothing new as BNP can do anything against the country. Even they wrote article forging the signatures of congressmen and presenting a fake US president’s advisor before the nation, he said.

Hasan Mahmud said BNP also had spread propaganda that Indian Home Minister Amit Shah phoned them. By doing this BNP has made itself a fake party, he noted.

Replying to another query over a report of Brussels-based organization International Crisis Group (ICG) on recent politics of Bangladesh, the minister said it is very easy to make report from Brussels.

The report was surely made one month ago without considering the real situation of Bangladesh, the minister said adding that the report would have been different if it is made on current reality. He hoped that ICG would correct their report later. About the programmes of boycotting poll by left leaning parties, Dr Hasan said, “I respect my leftist socialists’ brothers as they are pro-liberation forces and socialism is also one of the main pillars of our party. For this, I also support many issues of leftist.”

But, he said, it is a sheer truth that they have no public support. So, there is no impact whether the leftist parties are joining the poll or not, he said.

He said the countrymen are now poll oriented and the election will be held in free, fair and festive mood. The European Union, US, SAARC countries, OIC and other countries have already sent their observers to monitor the voting, he said.