BNP expels 16 of its ‘Mir Zafars’ for participating in RCC elections

Published : 09 Jun 2023 09:05 PM

BNP Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi in separate letters on Wednesday has expelled 16 BNP and its front organisations' leaders of Rajshahi for good for their participation in Rajshahi City Corporation elections by violating party decisions.

In the letters, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi termed those expelled BNP leaders, as ‘Traitors, treachers and as the Mir Jafars'. The letter mentioned, ' You are a candidate in the elections of RCC going to be held on June-21. A show cause notice was served to you on June-5, for participating in the RCC elections by violating the party decisions. But, you did not give any reply of the show cause notice within the time fixed for you which is a severe misconduct’. 

The letter further said, “Without withdrawing your candidacy in the elections, you have acted treacherously with the hopes and aspirations of those who have been subjected to torture during the ongoing movement for the last 15 years. That is why you are being expelled for life from the primary membership post and from all levels of party posts you have been holding. In the history of recovery of the Democracy, your name should be uttered as treacher, traitor and Mir Jafar.”

Those who are expelled from the party are identified as: formerly Vice President of Rajpara thana BNP, Councillor candidate from ward-6 under RCC Badiuzzaman Bodi, former President of BNP Ward-11, councillor candidate Abu Barkar Kinu, former BNP Vice-President of Shah Makhdum thana, ward councillor candidate from ward 14 Md. Tutul, former Vice President of Shah Makhdum thana Abdus Sobhan Liton, former Vice-President of City Jubodal, candidate from ward-16 Belal Hossain, former Labour Affairs Secretary, a candidate from ward 16 Rony Hossain Ruhul, former Organising Secy, a candidate from ward 19 Nuruzzaman Titu, former Gen Secy of ward-22, councillor candidate Mirja Ripon, Candidate from ward-25, Boalia ( Purbo) former Jobodal Joint convener Alif Al Mahmud Luken, former VP of city BNP, a candidate from ward-27 Anowarul Amin Azab, former VP of Motihar thana BNP, candidate from ward-28 Ashraful Hasan Bachchu, Female Affairs Organising Secy, candidate for the reserved seat of ward 7,8 and 10 Muslima Begum Belly, Forest and Environment Affairs Secy and candidate for reserved 9,11, and 12 Altafun Nessa Putul, Joint Secy and candidate for ward 13, 14 and 15 Shamsun Naher, Vice President and candidate for 22,23 and 24 Shahnaz Begum Shikha and Joint Secy of Women's BNP and candidate for 25, 28 and 29 wards Ayesha Khatun Mukti. Of the above candidates Abdus Sobhan Liton, Belal Hossain, Anowarul Amin Azab and Ashraful Hasan Bachchu are incumbent councillors and Muslima Begum Belly and Shamsun Naher are also incumbent councillors of female reserved seats.