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BNP distorting history even after 50 years of independence: Hasan

Published : 28 Mar 2022 09:51 PM | Updated : 29 Mar 2022 03:40 PM
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The Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League joint general secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud said, BNP leaders are distorting history even after fifty years of independence, those who are distorting history need to be brought under justice.

He came up with such assertions while replying journalist questions after a programme held at Tejgaon Industrial Area in the capital on Monday. When journalists asked about the BNP's intention to hold a rally at Kalurghat in Chattogram, he retorted, “Why would they want to hold a rally there, to distort history?”

"According to the police, the BNP had taken permission to hold rallies in Sholashahar, but not in Kalurghat," he said. Most of the time BNP creates hazards, fights in their rally and procession. And security of people's lives and property is the responsibility of the police and assembly cannot be held without permission.”

Dr Hasan said, 'Ziaur Rahman was actually going to unload arms from the ‘Swat’ ship during the war of liberation. But he had to come back due to People’s barriers. Later on March 27, Bangabandhu's declaration of independence was read by him.

'And in the war of liberation with Ziaur Rahman's actions, the then Pakistani colonel who later became Pakistan's army chief, wrote a letter saying that Pakistanis were happy with his actions and told him not to worry about his wife and son; In other words, Ziaur Rahman was in fact a spy for the Pakistanis in the guise of a freedom fighter’, said the Information and Broadcasting Minister.

Dr Hasan Mahmud, in response to a question on Monday's half-day strike called by the Left Alliance over commodity prices, said, “I don't know if those who called the strike are ashamed, but I am ashamed that the people did not respond to the strike. Mr Jafrullah also called a strike, but he called a strike and left for London.”

The minister said, “Due to the war and the Coronavirus pandemic, the prices of commodities have gone up all over the world and the prices of some import dependent products have also gone up in the country. But the way in which the Prime Minister and her government have arranged for low-income people to sell goods at low prices, issue one crore family cards, has brought relief to the people. And all the unscrupulous businessmen who were favored by the BNP could not fulfill their nefarious intentions because of this initiative of the Prime Minister.

"But in this context, I respect the left brothers who are in favor of the liberation war. Why did they call this strike and make fun of themselves? That is my question," said Dr Hasan.

Asked about measures against unscrupulous traders, the minister said there were adequate stocks of consumer goods. Bangladesh now has the largest stockpile of rice in its history and all consumer goods have more stocks than the demand for Ramadan. The government will take action if anyone tries to increase the price of goods unnecessarily.

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