BNP depends on foreigners, Awami League on people’s power: Hasan

Published : 07 Sep 2022 08:09 PM

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud said, “BNP believes that it can come to power by relying on the power of gun barrels, conspiracies and foreigners. Bangladesh Awami League does not believe that, rather  Awami League relies on the power of the people and that is the reality.”

He said this in response to a question from reporters at the secretariat on Wednesday afternoon. In response to BNP Secretary General's comment 'Awami League lacks public support', Dr Hasan said, 'Bangladesh is strong in the strength of the Awami people. We believe in people's power, we don't believe in any other power. Bangladesh Awami League never came to power with the support of any other power and we are not dependent on any foreign power. We are dependent on the power of the people.

On the other hand, referring to BNPE's lack of support from the people, the minister said, "BNP works in Nayapaltan during the day and travels from embassy to embassy at night. Because they don't believe in people power. They think that if they go from embassy to embassy, the foreigners will put them in power. But the people are the owners of the power of this country. BNP believes in the power of guns, the way Ziaur Rahman seized power. He seized power at the barrel of a gun and seized power by handing out the rest of the power. With due respect to those who are talking big today, I want to say that everyone used to do other parties, they went to BNP to take the rest of the power.

When asked about the construction of the proposed road through the protected forest area of Chittagong's Ramu region, Dr. Hasan said, "It is not appropriate. I am personally never in favor of it, can't support it. Since I was a student of environmental science, I was an environmental activist, I was the forest and environment affairs secretary of the party for 10 years, and later I came to the responsibility of the environment ministry. Construction of roads through protected forest areas will lead to extensive forest destruction and degradation. I also saw in the newspaper that there is no approval from the ministry. Thanks to those who brought this to the magazine. My humble request to all concerned is that it is not advisable to have a road through the forest.'

Earlier, Minister of Information and Broadcasting unveiled the cover of the reprint of Bangabandhu's speech collection 'Vajrakantha' published in 1973 on the occasion of 50 years. Hasan Mahmud. He said, "The father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman transformed an unarmed nation into an armed nation through his timeless speech on 7th March. The speech which was practically a declaration of independence, though he said so, did not give him any chance of being called a separatist.

Noting that this speech, which is one of the best speeches in the world, has been recognized and preserved by UNESCO as one of the documents of world heritage, the information minister said that all the speeches that Bangabandhu made from the speech of March 7, 1971 to February 26, 1972 are recorded here, which Bangabandhu Prime Minister During his stay in 1973, the first edition was published by the then publishing house.

The book is published by Director General of Film and Publication Directorate. M. Golam Kibria gave the opening speech on the occasion. Senior Journalist Kanchan Kumar Dey, Dhaka Journalist Union Vice President Manik Lal Ghosh participated in the unveiling.