BNP can only unleash chaos: Hasan

Published : 11 Feb 2023 09:59 PM

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said, 'BNP cannot do political movement, it can only create chaos, we know how much power BNP has.'

He said, 'BNP's work is 'rallying' during the day and 'Embassy visit' at night. It is their job to go to various embassies at night and hold diplomats by the hand and foot. But in this country, no diplomat has been able to put anyone in power, he will not be able to.'

The minister said all this in his speech as the chief guest at the 'peace rally organized by Fatehpur Union Awami League against BNP-Jamaat terror and anarchy' at the Fatehpur High School ground of Hathazari Upazila of Chittagong on Saturday afternoon as part of Awami League's peace rally at the nationwide union level.

Pointing out that 14 years of BNP have passed after Eid, after winter, after summer or after annual examination, Dr. Hasan said, "In 2013, 2014 and 2015, those who were in hiding for arson attacks were brought to the villages and again arson and anarchy. BNP has announced a march in the entire country for the purpose of creation. But we cannot allow anyone to create chaos in the name of politics.' The minister said, 'People own the power of this country. We believe in the power of the people, Awami League has always formed the government with the support of the people. In the next election too, he will form the government again after winning a huge vote with the verdict of the people.

Dr Hasan Mahmud said, BNP has realized that they have no chance in the next election, so their election is scared. Now they all unite and sometimes say 32 teams, sometimes 12 teams, sometimes 22 teams, and again say 54 teams. In fact, it is difficult to say how many parties the alliance of BNP is. When 22 groups and 12 groups gathered at one place in Dhaka city, fifty people were found there. And there are 100 journalists. This is their assembly.

"And Begum Khaleda Zia and Tariq Rahman can't vote or cannot stand in ilection, so they don't want to make Mirza Fakhrul the leader," he said. That's why their election is getting scared. BNP is still following the same conspiracy as it did in the past to thwart the elections.'

Awami League's joint general secretary Hashan said with constitutional arguments, 'You don't go to the elections, and you want to overthrow the government. Come to the election, come to the election and check the popularity. Those whom the people elect will govern the country.'

Fatehpur Union Awami League President Advocate Mohammad Shamim presided over the rally, Chittagong North District Awami League President MA Salam was the chief speaker, General Secretary Sheikh Ataur Rahman was the special guest. Among others, Chittagong North District Awami League Leader Yunus Gani Chowdhury, North District Jubo League President SM Rashedul Islam, North District Chhatra League President Tanvir Hossain Chowdhury Tapu, General Secretary Rezaul Karim, North District Women Awami League General Secretary Basanti Prabha Palit and others addressed the gathering.