BNP arson attack, atrocities still continue

Why foreigners remain silent about BNP’s atrocity

Published : 03 Dec 2023 08:50 PM

We have been noticing different vested interest groups comprising anti-liberation and communal forces and BNP have taken the path of arson terrorism in the guise of their so-called movement since October 28.

A truck driver on Monday sustained serious burn injuries after his truck was set on fire by miscreants at Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur district, during the ongoing blockade called by BNP and like-minded opposition parties. Under the cover of either blockade or hartal, the miscreants continued setting fire to the moving buses, covered vans, trucks, autorickshaws, private cars, motorbikes and other vehicles on different roads and highways in the country every day.  

Taking the advantage of ongoing nationwide hartal and blockade, the communal and militant forces are also trying to rise again in the country under the leadership of BNP. BNP is the home for communal-violence and militancy. Communal forces are working under the leadership of BNP.  They (communal and militant forces) are now carrying out arson terrorism again. Military dictator Ziaur Rahman formed BNP by destroying the ideals and democratic spirit of the great Liberation War. 

So, radical communalism and terrorism have been the main weapons of BNP’s politics since its birth. BNP claims itself to be a pro-democracy party, but it is basically an anti-democracy and anti-state force.  As the party is carrying out arson attacks and sabotage acts in the name of political programme, they should be dealt accordingly. Therefore, we want to pose a question to our some intellectuals, civil society members and foreign countries, those who talk about human rights, good governance and free, fair elections in country why they keep mum about the misdeeds, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional activities of a political party? Why they do not raise voice against such barbaric acts? 

Radical communalism and

 terrorism have been the 

main weapons of BNP’s 

politics since its birth

We have noticed that countries like the US, UK and some European countries regularly tell us to improve our human rights situation, while it’s them, who have been providing shelter to the killers of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the martyred intellectuals.

But it was seen that the human rights are violated extremely in those countries, which are asking about the issue. Their activities and comments on the internal affairs of Bangladesh are obscene and against diplomatic norms and etiquettes.

We also want to request those intellectuals, civil society members and foreign countries to raise BNP’s atrocity before the world. Besides, they should also give statement on this issue if they really want to nurture human rights, good governance and democracy.

Apart from foreign diplomats, some identified influential persons allegedly are now very active in plotting against the country and government as well. Like in the past, they have already stepped up their ill-efforts ahead of the next 12th parliamentary elections in order to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and install a dictator being imbued with the anti-liberation thought. BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman, convicted  in several cases (in absentia) including that of the sensational August 21 grenade attack, staying in London, is maintaining constant communication with the high profile plotters. 

These influential persons led by Tarique Rahman are also helping the organised evil forces comprising several vested quarters and extreme communal groups incited by the anti-liberation forces and killers of Bangabandhu, and their patrons in order to make Bangladesh a failed country. 

Since these persons have no public support and faith in democracy, they always prefer such types of ‘backdoor policies’ through conspiracies with support from plotters at home and abroad ahead of every national elections of the country. As part of their as usual characteristics, these people are now on tours in different countries to make their conspiracies successful at any cost.