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BNP afraid of election for several reasons: Dr Hasan

Published : 10 Mar 2022 01:11 AM | Updated : 10 Mar 2022 01:05 PM

"The BNP is afraid of the election for several reasons. First of all, the BNP has become isolated from the people because of its politics of terrorism, arson and arson. Another issue is that Begum Khaleda Zia and Tareq Rahman will not be able to run in the elections as they are convicted in the court. For these reasons, they have no interest in the election and they do not want to make the party election-oriented,” said Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud.

The minister was responding to a question from reporters before addressing an extended meeting of the Thakurgaon district branch of the Bangladesh Awami League at the BD Hall of Thakurgaon district council on Wednesday afternoon.

He added, 'BNP does not do politics for the people. When they come to power, they only do the politics of arranging their own sugarcane. The people of Bangladesh have understood this strategy of the BNP, so the people have expelled the BNP from their politics. The people of this country do not want to see the BNP in power anymore, they do not want to make the country a paradise of looting, a champion of corruption and a militant state. That is why the people, not the Awami League, have shown a red card to the BNP.’

Meanwhile, Dr Hasan Mahmud responding to BNP leader Ruhul Kabir, said, "I go to my constituency every week, I am the MP who take care of his village. The Prime Minister has given me the responsibility of North Bengal organizationally, so I have to come to North Bengal and go to other parts of the country, I have to travel all over the country. While in Dhaka, I have to go to the party office almost every day in addition to my ministry work. '

"Mr Rizvi lives in his office in Naya Paltan, he does not go anywhere from there, eat there, sleep there and that's why he doesn't know the state of the country. Mirza Fakhrul only spoke in front of the media while Mr Rizvi was sitting in the party office and in fact his mood became irritable, so he is talking like an outcast.'

Dr Hasan Mahmud said that the allegations presented by Mr Mirza Alamgir marking commodity price hike were to confuse the people. Covid-19 and the recent Ukraine war have pushed up the prices of many commodities around the world. The government, led by the Prime Minister, is working to control commodity prices, while enabling low-income people to buy goods at lower prices by extending the scope of TCB to billions of people. The dishonest traders often take advantage of such situations, so the government will take necessary action against the dishonest traders, the information minister warned.

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