Blockade affects academic activities

Create a peaceful atmosphere for students

Published : 01 Nov 2023 09:44 PM

Academic activities at all educational institutions are being severely affected by BNP, Jamaat and like-minded political parties’ ongoing movement. Country’s all primary and secondary schools are getting prepared to complete final examinations by November keeping in mind the next general election which is likely to be held in early January next year.

On the other hand, the Secondary School Certificate examinations of 2024 are likely to start from the second week of February next year while the Higher Secondary Certificate examinations of 2024 from the second week of June.

But the attendance of the SSC and HSC candidates and students from class one to nine dropped significantly. As panic has already gripped the people since the October 28 violence, guardians are not sending their children to the educational institutions.  

While teachers struggle to complete their courses, they often face barriers due to the political clashes and conflicts. This latest situation is also affecting the academic activities of the students of colleges and universities as well. 


stakeholders must thwart 


 attempts to destroy the 

academic activities

Therefore, educational setbacks can have significant impacts on academic success. The students and teachers living outside their respective campuses are facing trouble due to transport crisis. 

Sometimes several extremely unfortunate incidents had created chaos on the campus in the past, compelling the authorities close the universities for indefinite period after ‘attack and vandalism’ or other unwanted incidents on their campuses centring political clash. It is feared that a plot is being hatched to make the university and college campuses unstable in order to destabilise the country. 

The students are now very busy with completing their academic courses on time as their institutions were forced to shut for 18-month caused by Covid-19 pandemic. So, all political parties must create a congenial atmosphere for students to continue their academic activities in smooth way.

All students have to remain alert as there will be tougher challenges in the days to come and they must refrain themselves from getting engaged in any chaos or violence. So, all stakeholders must thwart conspirators’ attempts to destroy the academic activities of the students.