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‘Black Widow 2’ moving ahead with Florence amid Scarlett-Disney row?

Published : 03 Sep 2021 07:59 PM

Of course one of the biggest releases in the recent times and an anticipated one all along have to be that of Scarlett Johansson starrer ‘Black Widow’. While it enjoyed a loving run with the audience, soon enough it got into the controversy whirlpool and was everywhere for the lawsuit Scarlett slammed Disney with. But turns out, it has not affected the studio at all who are moving forward swiftly with the sequel that will star Florence Pugh taking the mantle.

To be clear in the beginning, the shuffle from Scarlett Johansson to Florence Pugh in order to take up the ‘Black Widow’ mantle is not a result of the feud between the ‘Jojo Rabbit’ star and the studio. The movie was already set to be Johansson adieu to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Natasha Romanoff.

Now as per the latest update that is making news across the globe, the sequel to the assassins’ saga is going forward swiftly. 

It is definitely not going to be easy to shape ‘Black Widow’ sequel without Scarlett Johansson. The actor has defined the character for more than a decade and has won infinite hearts with her portrayal of Natasha Romanoff. The studio is at a difficult juncture where they have to honour agent Romanoff and also introduce Yelena Belova aka Florence Pugh as the new BW. 

As per reports, the work on it is already started and the Black Widow sequel is progressing quite nicely. The report doesn’t offer more information on that but even that much has left the fans excited and wanting for more.    —We Got This Covered