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BKSP cricketer in ICU

Published : 14 May 2024 09:28 PM

Tragedy struck on Tuesday at the Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan (BKSP) as Habibur Rahman Alvi, a Year 11 student training in the class XI cricket department, was involved in a serious accident. While practising indoors, Alvi was struck on the head by a high-speed ball.

Cricket, like many sports, carries the inherent risk of injuries, some of which can be fatal. The tragic death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes after being struck on the head by a ball prompted the introduction of concussion substitutes and improved helmets to enhance player safety. However, these measures haven't entirely eliminated the risk of serious accidents, as Alvi's case sadly highlights.

Alvi was rushed to hospital following the impact and is currently receiving treatment at Sheikh Fazilatunnecha Mujib Memorial KPJ Specialist Hospital in Savar.