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BIWTA to build modern naval port in Chandpur

Published : 27 May 2023 02:09 AM

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) on Friday announced plans for the construction of a modern port in Chandpur, spanning 300 feet in length.

The project, estimated to cost Tk 100 crores, aims to bolster the city's maritime infrastructure, said BIWTA’s Chairman Commodore Arif Ahmed Mostafa.

He also revealed that the World Bank has provided a loan of approximately TK100 crore for constructing the Chandpur naval port.

Following the tendering process, construction is scheduled to commence next June, he said.

Two Indian and one Bangladeshi contractor companies will collaborate to complete the project within the next two years.

During his visit to the proposed construction site of the modern naval port building on Madrasa Road in Chandpur city, Commodore Mostafa expressed satisfaction with the current management of the Dhaka-Chandpur sea route, highlighting its efficiency in facilitating quick and safe travel.

He said the port has lacked substantial development for an extended period. Determined to rectify this, the government is eagerly committed to its expansion.

With the support of the World Bank, the government envisions the construction of a modern naval port in Chandpur, he said.