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Biman’s code sharing deal with Gulf Air likely

Published : 03 Jun 2023 09:56 PM

In a historic move for the country, Biman Bangladesh Airlines is entering into a code sharing agreement with Gulf Air, a prominent Middle East-based airline.

This collaboration aims to connect various European countries and expand Biman's network across the continent. 

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Managing Director and CEO Shafiul Azim, expressed his hope about this groundbreaking partnership, stating, “We are about to sign code sharing agreement with Gulf Air so that our passengers can travel to different European countries using biman’s boarding pass.”

The code sharing agreement holds immense potential for Biman as it allows the airline to establish its own network on routes that are currently authorized but cannot be operated due to lack of fleet. 

For years, Biman has been trying to secure similar agreements with several airlines, including Japan Air and Air Canada. While those efforts have yet to bear fruit, the collaboration with Gulf Air marks a significant milestone. 

Adding to its recent developments, Biman has also commenced direct flights from Dhaka to Toronto, Canada, with flights to Narita, Japan scheduled to begin on September 1. By actively expanding its flight destinations, Biman aims to enhance its presence on the global aviation map.

Gulf Air, the national airline of Bahrain, operates regular flights to approximately 50 destinations across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Previously, it was the sole international airline serving Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Oman. With the code sharing agreement, Biman can leverage Gulf Air's extensive network to bolster its position in the European market.

Shafiul Azim highlighted the progress made in the partnership with Gulf Air and emphasized the importance of developing Bangladesh as a hub. 

He mentioned ongoing efforts to establish a third terminal and internationalize Cox’s Bazar airport. Azim stated, “If we want to establish Bangladesh as a hub, then Biman should come forward.”

Through the code sharing agreement, Biman passengers will gain convenient access to Gulf Air’s European flights using Biman’s boarding passes, he added. 

Aviation expert ATM Nazrul Islam believes this partnership will not only enhance Biman’s presence in Europe but also pave the way for future opportunities on international routes.