Biman expands with Airbus

The national flag carrier must strive to improve passenger service

Published : 14 Sep 2023 06:50 PM

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, most vulnerable and losing concern for decades, now has planned to modernize it with the latest aircraft Airbus and Boeing. As per the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, both fleets and destinations of Biman are expanding. 

Recently France’s President Emmanuel Macron visited Bangladesh and a deal was signed to buy Airbus. This wide-body aircraft which is most cost-effective will be purchased from France. Keeping both Airbus and Boeing in its fleet, Biman is expected to become a competitive airliner in South East Asia. And it is likely that Biman will get back its slogan that the world is getting smaller.

Under the guidance 

of Sheikh Hasina, Biman

 is gradually becoming 

a profitable entity

For decades, the national flag carrier has been a losing concern. However, under the guidance of Sheikh Hasina, it is now gradually becoming a profitable entity. However, only keeping the latest aircraft in its fleet will not make Biman profitable. For this, experts have opined that offering better quality services, world-class air hostess/cabin crew, maintaining the schedule, and others are must, to make it profitable and reliable.

After the incumbent government came to power, consistent measures were taken to uphold Biman’s prestige. The fleet of Biman has extended significantly with the accumulation of many new and latest world-class aircraft. If implemented with a viable plan then Airbus will really help Biman establish itself as a reputed airline with its latest technology and facilities. The government should put emphasis on enhancing Biman’s services and maintenance.

Biman should hire proper experts and professionals which will raise Biman from a tailspin and its gradually shrinking world. 

Another thing that Biman authorities need to do is that is should train its cabin crew members and engineers properly.