‘BGB will work to maintain law and order

Published : 30 Dec 2023 09:48 PM

BGB Director General Major General AKM Nazmul Hasan said that BGB will work professionally to control the law and order situation in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections.

He said this to reporters after visiting the BGB's beige camp set up on the occasion of election deployment at GEC Convention Center in Chittagong on Saturday morning.

The Director General of BGB said that Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) along with other law and order forces will always be active to prevent any sabotage before and after the election and on the Election Day.  BGB will take strict stand if any miscreant tries to cause any sabotage or unintended incident.

He further said that the BGB will be deployed as a mobile striking force from December 29 to January 10 to ensure that there is no violence before and after the elections and will work to ensure a fair polling environment.  The BGB members will also be active in ensuring that the voters can exercise their right to vote in the polling station.  BGB dog squad will be used if necessary to prevent vandalism.

Earlier, the BGB Director General visited Chittagong Region Electoral Officer Beige Camp-Anwara Riverview Community Center and GEC Convention Center.

Senior officials of BGB Headquarters, Region Commander of Chittagong Region of BGB, Captain of Chittagong Battalion (8 BGB) and other officials were present.