BGB seize 30 pieces of gold bars in Benapole

Published : 18 Jul 2023 08:35 PM

BGB members have seized 30 pieces of gold bars weighing 3.5 kg from Daulatpur border area of Benapole while smuggling to India on Tuesday morning.

According to BGB, the market value of gold is Tk 3 crore.

On Tuesday (July 18) morning, after receiving secret information that a huge amount of gold was being smuggled to India through the Daulatpur border of Benapole, the BGB members chased the smugglers at Bot tala area on the Daulatpur border. At this time, the smugglers left a packet of towels and ran away.

Later, BGB seized 30 pieces of gold bars inside the towel.

Lieutenant Colonel Tanveer Rahman, the commander of 21 BGB Battalion said, After receiving secret information, they raided the Bot tala area in Daulatpur border of Benapole and chased the two suspected gold smugglers, the gold carriers abandoned the motorcycle and fled.

Later, a towel was found in the motorcycle. After opening the packet of towels, 30 pieces of gold bars weighing 3.5 kg are found. Its market value is TK.3 crore. The seized gold bars were deposited in Benapole Customs treasury through Benapole Port Police Station.