BGB arrests 1 smuggler in Chuadanga

Published : 27 Jan 2023 07:54 PM

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has arrested a smuggler named Rajan Ahmed with 13 lakh rupees of hundi in Jibannagar of Chuadanga. Members of Madhavakhali BOP under BGB's Maheshpur-58 battalion raided Madhavakhali border on Thursday morning and arrested the smuggler along with hundi money. Arrested Rajan Ahmed's house is in Madhavkhali village of Jibannagar Upazila.

Maheshpur-58 Battalion Captain Lt. Col. Masood Parvez Rana said that the patrol team of Madhavakhali BOP came to know based on secret information that a smuggler named Rajan Ahmed of Madhavakhali village would bring a large amount of Bangladeshi money in hundi to Bangladesh from the Indian border. Based on this news, the patrol team of BGB started reaching the main pillar no. 75 of Madhavkhali border. At one point the BGB members challenged the smuggler Rajan Ahmed 300 yards from the border inside Bangladesh. At that time, the smuggler tried to run away after sensing the presence of BGB. Later BGB members chased and arrested Rajan Ahmed from the border and seized Bangladeshi 13 lakh hundi hidden in his waist. Arrested Rajan Ahmed told BGB that an Indian citizen gave the seized money to him at the zero line of the border to be delivered to the city of Jeevannagar in Bangladesh. Transfer of Rajan Ahmed to Jeevannagar police station along with seized hundi money is under process.