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BFF eager to host more tournaments

Published : 31 Jan 2024 09:40 PM | Updated : 31 Jan 2024 09:40 PM

The Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) wants to host more academic football tournaments around the year.

BFF arranged an academic football tournament in which 150 institutions took part for the first time in November 2023.

A total of 12 teams will take part in the final stage at Birshreshtha Shaheed Sipahi Mostafa Kamal Stadium, Kamalapur, starting February 10.

The draw for the final stage was held at BFF premises on Tuesday. 12 teams were divided into four groups. The top team will move into the semifinal.

Every team in the final stage will get TK 50,000, and the champions will be awarded TK 1,00,000.

BFF arranged this tournament, with funding from FIFA. The main object of the U-15 tournament is to find talented players for the prospect of football in the country.

The world football governing body granted TK one crore for the development of the country.

There was a lot of complaining about the academic football tournament. Most of the player’s dates of birth are not correct.

According to this claim, BFF Vice President and Chairman of the Development Committee, Ataur Rahamn Bhuiyan, said, “We allowed the players to verify their birth certificates. We have nothing to do at all.”

A few coaches and officials came to the BFF to participate in the final draw. 

Some of them praised BFF for taking part in this type of tournament. They want the highest football governing body to arrange U-17 and U-18 football tournaments in the future.

As per the request of coaches, the Chairman of the Development Committee said, “We have a plan. We want to start this type of tournament. It is our main objective that the academic tournament would be U-10 or U-12. It is our main goal to give more football opportunities for the child.