Better coordination to bolster dev activities

Create harmony and solidarity rather than disorganisation

The key word that the government is focuses right now on every sector is ‘development’. Focussing on this, every initiative of the country is being marked for feasibility. Other than this, the development activities that are already underway are also being strengthened or the respective authorities are working to further increase their internal and external coordination to bolster it.

In this regard a report published in this daily says that bureaucrats and public representatives call for increased coordination among elected representatives and field administration to further buttress the implementation of the ongoing development activities. This is something that needs special management. There seems to be a gap in communication or coordination amongst field-level officials and public representatives. 

The successful execution of any development project depends on the proper and well-coordination of both field-level officials and bureaucrats. But this often fails, as experts opine that politicians exert pressure on the local administrations to get works done in their favour. Such act creates problems when officials decline to comply with the politicians’ desires. 

The successful execution of any development project 

depends on the proper and well-coordination of both 

field-level officials and bureaucrats

Such a situation creates hindrances to development and causes obstruction to the overall goal of the country to advance further and develop into a modern, digital and technologically adept nation.

When such instances of mediocre disputes between local politicians and field level officials take place this is truly disheartening and shows a level of pettiness on the grand scale of true development that is going on across the country. To prevent such activities politicians who are prone to get involved in such issues must stop, otherwise it would be problematic for the country in the long run. Since politicians are mandated for the service of the people and are there to aid the government in taking the country ahead, they should adhere to moral and ethical codes that bring harmony in the locality and thus would entail sovereignty in the country.