Best Kacchi Biryani In Dhaka

Published : 01 Oct 2021 11:49 PM | Updated : 13 Feb 2022 03:38 PM

If you were to name a couple of Dhaka's signature cuisine products, Kachchi Biryani would be at the top of the list. For Bangladeshis, Kachchi Biryani is another way of saying "I love you." We shall never be able to get enough of it.

Although the dish's roots are debatable, the majority of food historians say that the antecedent to South Asian biryani originated in Persia, most likely as an unfussed mixture of rice and meat, and spread to the subcontinent via trade, pilgrimage, and conquest.

In 1610, following the Mughal rulers' declaration of Dhaka as the provincial capital, Mughal subedars and other top officials arrived in Dhaka to run the administration, bringing with them intrigue, grandeur, and tantrums.

Historically, it is stated, biryani could only be prepared for members of the ruling family, and then only on exceptional occasions. The cooks originated in the west, where the aroma of Hyderabadi biryani had only recently begun to travel throughout India.

However, somewhere along the line, the Dhaka Biryani developed the features that distinguished it from its Hyderabadi forerunner and even from Sindhi, Kozhikode, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Tahari offshoots.

Kachchi Biryani is one of Bangladesh's most delectable and traditional foods. What distinguishes Dhakai Kachchi from other biryani schools?

The term "Kachchi" derives from the Sanskrit word "Kacha," which means raw, referring to the fact that the ingredients are cooked raw and in layers. To produce the Dhakai Kachchi Biryani, layers of meat, rice, and potatoes are mixed with delectable combinations of aromatic spices. The trick is to strike the perfect combination of spices - not too hot, not too bland, but just right for juicy chunks of meat and potatoes.

On this list, we're including only Kachchi Biryanis produced with Basmati rice. That is why we have left off some of the most incredible establishments on the list, like Hazi Biryani, Star Kabab, Royal Hotel and Restaurants, Hazi Nanna Biryani, and Fakruddin.

Here are the top five Kachchi Biriyanis that can satisfy your royal palate for less than Tk300.

1. Kolkata Kachchi

Kolkata Kachchi is unlike any other item on the list. It's a teeny-tiny roadside Kachchi house with barely five client chairs. However, what elevates it to the top of the list is the taste. The flavor is so amazing that one will disregard all other considerations. All of the other Kachchi Biryanis listed previously are overwhelmed in flavor by a single or two ingredients. Some have excellent spices; some have a great scent, and still, others have excellent meat. 

However, Kolkata Kachchi is an excellent combination of all three. Each spoonful is a divine joy, whether it is soft mutton, potato, Alu Bukhara, or the rice itself. It is the quintessential Kachchi. Aromatic and flavorful, Kolkata Kachchi Biryani is a hearty dinner not to be missed. It is so flavorful yet so light that two dishes can easily be consumed simultaneously. Kolkata Kachchi, located in Satrowza of Old Dhaka, earns a perfect ten from us.

2. Grand Nawab 

The Kachchi, like its name, is grand at Grand Nawab. The platter on which the Kachchi is presented will undoubtedly impart a royal aura on you. Great Nawab will deliver a grand experience, from the aroma to the ideal balance of spices, meat, and rice. When combined with their "Badam Sharbat," the experience is elevated to another level. The Kachchi is also the most visually stunning. 

Old Dhaka's Grand Nawab serves the most flavorful potato of any restaurant we visited, and the beef is so tender and juicy that it slips off the bone naturally. Even though it is amazing in every way, Grand Nawab is ranked second solely because the meat is not as flavorful on the inside as one might think from its appearance. They utilize large pieces of beef, which may be why the meat does not become properly infused with the spices. However, it is without a doubt one of the greatest Kachchi Biryanis one would ever taste. Grand Nawab is deserving of a score of nine out of ten.

3. Kachchi Bhai 

Though Kachchi Bhai is a newcomer to the race, it has quickly achieved enormous popularity due to its incredible taste and low pricing. While Sultan's Dine and Kachchi Bhai have some similarities in terms of flavor, the primary distinction is that Kachchi Bhai's rice is of higher quality and the Kachchi is less oily. Kachchi Bhai is deserving of an eight out of ten.

4. Sultan's Dine 

Sultan's Dine is one of the city's most popular Kachchi establishments, having popularized the trend of Kachchi franchises. While many Sultan's fans may be dissatisfied by our judgment, we do have our reasons for ranking it fourth. It's worth noting that Sultan's Dine serves the tastiest Kachchi in town. The platter may have more meat than rice. The Kachchi contains more moisture than any other on the list, which is frequently a little too much for some individuals. 

Additionally, the heat in the Kachchi overwhelms all other flavors. The rice is of poor quality. The majority of Basmati rice is broken, which adds moisture to the rice. The potato is quite flavorful. After dining at Sultan's Dine, it seems a little fatty and heavy, but it still tastes wonderful. Sultan's Dine is deserving of a 7.5 out of 10 ratings.

5. Bashmoti Kachchi 

This Kachchi house, located in Jigatola, earned a spot on our list due to its scent and juiciness. The Kachchi has a sweet flavor, which is possibly due to the mediation's increased usage of Kewra essence (screwpine) and mint pests. Within Tk260, the Kachchi plate includes Borhani and Firni. The Basmati rice is excellent, and the beef is tender, juicy, and flavorful. 

The main flaw was the Alu (potato), the most vital component of a Dhakai Kachchi, which was bland in flavor and sweetness, giving it a flavor similar to Hyderabadi Biryani. Bashmoti Kachchi earns a score of six out of ten.

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