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‘Bengali will be the third largest language for digital technology’

Published : 19 Feb 2022 09:36 PM | Updated : 20 Feb 2022 01:36 PM

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Mustafa Jabbar, said that there are 35 crore Bengali speaking people in the world and in the 50 years of independence, Bangladesh has become the capital of Bengal.

The minister said that in the next fifty years, Bengali will be the third largest language in the world not only in terms of population but also in terms of use in digital technology.

“To facilitate the application of Bangla language in technology, the government is already working for the development of Bangla language in technology including development of 16 tools at a cost of Taka 159.2 crore,” he said.

The Minister called upon all concerned to come forward to ensure quality content and preservation of all intellectual property in Bengal to further enhance the use of Bengali in technology.

The Minister said this while addressing a discussion program on 'Use of Bengal in Technology' organized by mobile operator Robi in Dhaka on Saturday.

The event was chaired by Riaz Rasheed, Acting CEO of Robi, and was attended by Jasmine Jui, CEO of Bijoy Digital and Rashed Mahdi, President of TRNB. BTRC Director General Brigadier General Nasim Parvez presented the keynote speech at the event.

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