Bengali Beauty to release in China

Rahsaan Islam’s debut directorial ‘Bengali Beauty’ was released last year. In the movie, the director himself was seen in the lead role with actor Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya opposite of him as the film’s leading lady. After being screened in several film festivals across the world, the movie is now gearing up for it release in China.  

Though, the movie earned BDT 82 million worldwide, it didn’t see much success in Bangladesh as it fail to generate necessary audience. This however, didn’t stop the young actor-director. Earlier last month, the movie was successfully screened at the London Asian Film Festival with much appreciation form the fans and audience.

On May 3, the film will make its silver-screen debut I China. Director Rahsaan Islam himself made the announcement in his Facebook page. In China the film will be released as ‘Golden Bengal’. This will be the first time, a Bangladesh film will be screen in halls across China.