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BuDget 2020-21

Beneficiaries of social safety net to rise to one crore

Published : 29 May 2020 09:25 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:05 PM

The government has given special focus on social safety net and related activities in the draft budget for the fiscal 2020-21 due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Strengthening the social safety net has been given the highest priority in the next budget, almost one crore low-income people will come under the social safety net coverage from the upcoming fiscal year.

Social safety net coverage is expected to be expanded by 20 percent in the upcoming budget, increasing the number of beneficiaries to around 10,000,000 from the existing 8,100,000.

“The number of the beneficiaries is rising gradually as per Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directives as the government is working relentlessly to free the country from poverty and hunger,” an official of the Ministry of Finance said.

“Poverty in Bangladesh has dramatically reduced following inclusive growth strategy under the bold and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” he mentioned.

The allocation of social security coverage is being increased in the FY 2020-21 budget, he said adding that the allocation on this sector will be increased by Tk 1,633 crore to Tk 76,000 crore for the next budget from Tk 74,367 crore in current fiscal.

Social Welfare Secretary Mohammad Zainul Bari said, “The government has decided to increase the number of beneficiaries under social security in the budget of 2020-2021 with emphasis on tackling the impact of corona.” 

“It has been finalized to increase by about 20 percent over the existing number of beneficiaries,” he said adding that, this number may increase further at the last minute.

He informed almost 81 lakh people are getting benefits through various programs under social security. 

If we can increase it by 20 percent in the next financial year, then it will be possible to bring additional 16 lakh to 17 lakh poor people under it, he mentioned. 

As part of its move, about one crore poor people will come under this facility, Bari added.

However, social security is the system of providing all kinds of assistance to the poor and disadvantaged people of the country. 

The government's poverty alleviation strategy identifies 14 social security programs.

 At present, the number of beneficiaries in the social security sector under various programs is 81 lakh. 

According to sources, at present, two lakh freedom fighters are getting honorarium of Tk 12,000 per month under the social security program. 

They are also getting festival allowance of Tk 10,000, Noboborsho allowance of Tk 2,000 and Victory Day allowance of Tk 5,000. 

In the current budget, Tk 2,600 crore has been allocated for this sector.

On the other hand, in the current fiscal year, 1 million indigent disabled people are being given an allowance of Tk 700 per month.

 This number will also be increased in the next budget.

 One lakh disabled students at different levels are getting allowances at different rates. 

This number will also be increased in the next budget.

However, the Awami League government is going to give the budget for the second time after forming the government for the third consecutive term. 

This is also the second budget of Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal. 

If everything goes well, the finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal is scheduled to place the budget in the parliament on 11 June. 

The size of the new budget may be around Tk 5,60,000 crore and revenue collection target can be Tk 3,95,000 crore.

 At the last moment the size of the budget may increase further.

Of this, the Annual Development Program (ADP) worth Tk 2 lakh 5 thousand 145 crore has been finalized.