Benapole Free Day observed

December 3 is the Benapole Free Day. On this day, with the support of the Allied forces, the Pakistan army and their allies retreated from Benapole area in the face of strong resistance by the freedom fighters.

They sheltered in Amrakhali headquarters and the next day to the regional headquarters in Navaron. Earlier, on December 2, two and a half kilometers northwest from Benapole Bazar, Raghunathpur village was free from Pakistan forces and their accomplices.

The shelter took place at the Battalion headquarters of Narayanpur ground, about 3 km east.

On the afternoon of December 2, the Pakistan army outpost at Narayanpur was destroyed in two front-facing battles and gunshots. In the face of over whelming resistance from the freedom fighters with the help of the Allies, the Pakistan army fled from Raghunathpur Epiar camp in the middle of the night.

On the news of the fled of the Pakistan army, the army and civilian officers, including the Allied forces lead by Captain Mr Roy come to Mankia village, directly adjacent to Raghunathpur, from Bangaon, India.

At the behest of their commanders, two freedom fighters went to Narayanpur Battalion with four grenades.

Yusuf Ali, a villagers called the hungry freedom fighters to his house and gave them rice and  a cup of milk to feed them. As they left the house after eating, the Pakistan army surrounded them. They jumped to the river Kodla. The Pakistan  army started firing to target the freedom fighters.

The news goes to the commander of the Allied forces stationed in Manikia village, with two platoon soldiers. They come to the spot and fired to the pakistan army and they dead on the spot.

Other pakistan army men left Putkhali, Shikri Batala, Benapole Customs House area and took shelter in the middle of the night at the Amrakhali Company Headquarters on Jashore- Benapole Road.

This way the port city of Benapole was liberated. People came out of their house to get the news. With the help of the Allied forces, the operation continued with double courage. Sharsha and Navarran were released on December 3.

Din Mohammad , a freedom fighter in Benapole said that On that day, the Pakistan army left Benapole and took shelter in the Shiromani camp in Khulna.