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Beauty trends that defined 2019

Published : 02 Jan 2020 06:32 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 01:58 PM

2019 will go down in beauty history as the year of experimentation. Gone are the makeup dos and dont’s: This year's trends embraced an “anything goes” attitude rooted in self-expression, color, and joy. Want to smear some glitter tears on your face à la Euphoria? Feel like drawing a geometric liner in bright neon? How about a manicure that looks like actual jelly on your fingers? To that I say: Do you, boo.

Euphoria Makeup

There was no bigger beauty moment than Euphoria’s glittery and elaborate makeup looks. Following the show’s premiere in June, the HBO teen drama delivered unforgettable facebeats each week on stars like Zendaya, Hunter Schaefer, and Alexa Demie. The internet was instantly obsessed with bold colors, rhinestones, and glitter tears, courtesy of makeup artists Doniella Davy and Kirsten Sage Coleman.

Neon Eyeliner

Neon eyeliner was the low stakes answer to Euphoria makeup: A simpler way to incorporate punchy colors and shapes into everyday beauty looks. From classic cat eyes to geometric shapes, self-expression was at the core of this trend, seen on the likes of Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Camila Mendes.

Jelly Nails

Also known as glass nails, jelly nails was 2019's nod to ‘90s nostalgia. Channelling those classic jelly sandals, the see-through effect paired nicely with glitter and colors alike. But don't say goodbye to jelly nails just yet. Nail artist Dan Renée told that the trend is "here to stay" through the winter.

Padded Headbands

Love them or hate them, padded headbands were all the rage this year. You can thank Kate Middleton, who was photographed wearing a pink version at baby Archie’s christening in July. But what really sealed the deal was an appearance on Prada’s spring 2019 runway. Padded headbands caught on like Instagram wildfire, with everyone from celebrities to influencers finishing off outfits with a puffy topper.    —Elle