Beatbox Championship on Friday in Dhaka

The National Beatbox Championship of Bangladesh will be held on Friday in Dhaka, the US embassy, which is sponsoring the event, said.

Sixteen Bangladeshi beatboxers will compete at the Jamuna Future Park event from 4pm to 8pm. 

Beatboxing, also known as vocal percussion, is a musical style that uses the mouth, tongue, and voice to mimic traditional musical instruments, drums, and other sounds.

It began in New York City and rose to prominence as a pillar of hip-hop in the 1980s.  This musical style remains closely connected with hip-hop culture and is a fundamental element of a capella singing.

The US Embassy in Dhaka said they are “proud” to sponsor “BattleBoxBD 2019: National Beatbox Championship of Bangladesh”. 

The winner of the competition will represent Bangladesh at a major international beatbox championship in 2020.  

Three US Arts Envoy beatboxers Gene Shinozaki, NaPoM, and Bangladeshi-American Amit Bhowmick from the Beatbox House in New York will judge the championship.  

They will also provide guest performances during the competition at approximately 5:40pm, 6:40pm, and 7:40pm.  

This event is free and open to the public.  

Beatbox Bangladesh is the first and only official beatboxing association in Bangladesh.  It aims to promote beatboxing and the art of vocal percussion.  Beatbox Bangladesh was established in 2014 and has organised the annual National Beatbox Championship of Bangladesh since 2017.