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Be vocal against anti-national conspirators abroad

Published : 16 Jan 2022 08:02 PM

The Joint General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League and information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hassan Mahmud stressed everyone, specially the Awami League leaders of abroad to be vocal against anti-national conspirators sitting abroad.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a meeting of the All European Awami League at the Awami League president's political office in Dhanmondi on Saturday afternoon. European Awami League President M Nazrul Islam and General Secretary Mujibur Rahman presided over the Awami League International Affairs Secretary Shammi Ahmed, Deputy Publicity Secretary Aminul Islam Amin, Executive Member Syed Abdul Awal Shamim, Australian Awami League President Sirajul Islam and others participated in the meeting.

 The Information Minister said, "There is less than two years left before the election. Social media is one of the major means of our campaign in this election. And you see, our opponents, the opponents of the country, have chosen social media as a big platform for all kinds of conspiracies and propaganda against the country. They sit abroad and spread propaganda, spread confusion and spread rumors.”

"In all the countries where they do these things, there are Awami League leaders and committees, but there is a need to be vocal against propaganda, in many cases it is not available. Action could be taken against them in various ways. If propaganda is spread on social media, action can be taken through social media. Action can also be taken according to the law of the country where the conspiracy was hatched against another country. But this is not happening in all cases, the minister added.

Minister Hasan Mahmud said, "It is not a matter of who or what committee celebrated Independence Day, Victory Day or where any minister gave reception, Victory Day, Independence Day must be celebrated, but it is also very important. We will now see on behalf of the party, including the International Affairs Secretary of the Awami League, what action the Awami League leaders are taking against those who are sitting in the country and spreading propaganda against our country. Evaluation will be based on that. So I request you to do this work.”

Dr Hasan Mahmud said, "The BNP-Jamaat communal evil forces are spreading propaganda abroad to create a volatile situation in the country, trying to confuse the lawmakers of those countries. In those countries, the Awami League leaders should highlight the development progress of the country as well as warn about communal evil forces including BNP.”

At the same time, the joint general secretary of the Awami League Dr Hasan Mahmud recalled the role of the European Awami League in politics. He said that AL leaders abroad have played a commendable role in the disaster of the country. When Awami League President Sheikh Hasina was not allowed to come to the country in 2008, AL leaders stood by the people's leader Sheikh Hasina. Dr Hasan Mahmud then thanked all of them for their effort.

Responding to a question from reporters about the forthcoming city corporation elections in Narayanganj, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said, "There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people in Narayanganj for the elections and the way the Election Commission is working hard for transparent and fair elections will reflect the verdict of the people. I hope that Awami League candidate Selina Hayat Ivy will win by that vote.