BDSIF hosts Global Peace and Humanitarian Awards on International Peace Day

Published : 30 Aug 2021 07:21 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2021 08:24 AM

The Bangladesh Digital Social Innovation Forum and the Digital Social Innovation Forum are going to host the Global Peace and Humanitarian Award 2021 on September 21 in Dubai for the first time on the World International Day of Peace.Ali Akbar Asha, Founder President of BDSIF and DSIF informed about the event.The Awards is presented to honor individuals and organizations whose exemplary efforts have significantly improved the lives of others and contributed consistently to a culture of peace and humanitarian service.

BDSIF regularly organizes the Bangladesh Digital Social Innovation Summit and Awards every year in the light of its role in social development work and its contribution to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

For the first time on September 21, International Peace Day, BDSIF  and its international affiliate  DSIF have taken the initiative to organize a different event in Dubai for the establishment of world peace outside the country. 57 nominees from 16 countries will participate in this exceptional event in Dubai from August 16 through final nominations. The day-long even twill feature international speakers on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and establishing peace, which will be broadcast live on Facebook Live. 

During the Pandemic period, BDSIF will make arrangements for everyone to comeand stay at the entire event to pay special attention to the whole event and toobserve the complete hygiene rules, where Dubai Tourism will be theirassistant.Steps have already been taken to make a documentary through the-online Q&A session on the process of selecting the next final winner after the final nomination is completed. 

The final results will be announced at the main event by a special jury board at a later date. The main purpose of the event is to unite the social leaders of different countries and to unite the world in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, it has been decided to announce the final winners at the main event.All the details of the event are being communicated through BDSIF's official Facebook page and special event website(, said Sharif Mahmud, chief coordinator of the organizing committee.