BD to be developed nation by 2041

New plan predicts per capita income to reach $12,500

The government has drafted a 20-year plan to graduate into and obtain the status of a developed country by 2041. Such vision comes at a time when Bangladesh has already earned a world-wide reputation of emerging as a fast-growing economy.

Once the plan is implemented it is expected that the individual per capita income of Bangladeshis will rise and reach $12,500 by 2041. The current per capita income of an individual Bangladeshi is $1,466, according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

The General Economic Division (GED) of the planning commission has prepared the draft 20-year plan which has been placed before Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday, sources said.

Sources said that the premier has expressed her satisfaction and given some recommendations for the plans.

After including Prime Minister’s recommendations, the GED will place it before the national economic council (NEC) meeting soon, sources added.

The government will implement the plan from 2021 till 2041. According to the draft plan, now the country has 8.48 per cent extreme poor which is expected to reach zero per cent by 2031. 

At present, 17.83 per cent middle income people are in the country. By 2031, it will come down to 9.9 per cent by 2031 and below five per cent by 2041, the draft said in its prediction.

The gross domestic product (GDP) will reach 9.9 per cent by 2041. The GDP will be 9 per cent by 2030. Before the implementation of the plan in 2020, the country’s GDP will be 8.2 per cent, the draft stated.

The strategy of the plan is—fixing strategy of employment problem, sustainable power generation, innovative economic process, developing infrastructure of communication and transportation, management of climate change and other.

Under the strategic plan, the government will formulate export policy for exporters to export different products giving increased facilities like the one enjoyed by the readymade garment sector. The government will give more facilities to export different types of agriculture-based products.