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BD researcher Tawheed wins bronze award in Malaysia

Published : 21 Jan 2024 09:38 PM

Bangladeshi researcher Tawheed Hasan won bronze award in research and innovation. Recently, researchers from different countries participated in this event at the public university of Malaysia 'University Malaysia Terengganu' in the international arena.

Researchers from different universities presented their research in three minutes in three categories: undergraduate, postgraduate and open.  The names of the researchers were announced through a day-long event at the university's convention center in the presence of Dean of the faculty, Dr. Prof. Mohammad Fadhli Ahmad and other top officials. There, Bangladeshi researcher Tawheed Hasan was awarded the bronze award. He mainly researches on hybrid energy. The supervisor was Prof. Dr. Shahrizan Jamaludin. MM H Imran assisted in this work.

Tawheed Hasan is affiliated as a faculty of Engineering Staff College Bangladesh and was involved in teaching in various private universities of Bangladesh for many years. He has also worked as a lecturer in a university in Malaysia. On receiving the award, Tawheed Hasan said, Bangladesh researchers should be made interested in research through various initiatives. To progress as a nation, there is no substitute for research.

It is noted that Tawheed Hasan received the TMNA Research Award last year as well. Every year he has been getting various awards for his research in the international arena. More than twenty of his research papers have been published in quality journals and conferences.