BD Navy detains Myanmar citizens with Yaba

Published : 19 May 2022 09:57 PM

Bangladesh Navy has arrested 33 Myanmar citizens who were forcibly displaced from a domestic boat near St. Martin's while they were on their way to Malaysia illegally by sea.  Among them are 12 women and 20 men including 1 child.

  The navy detained them in the Bay of Bengal along with the ship Ali Haider's boat on Wednesday night.  The detainees were initially provided with medical assistance and necessary food on board.  They were later handed over to St. Martin's Coast Guard station for handing over to police.  They escaped from a Rohingya camp in Teknaf at 8pm on Wednesday night and were trying to enter Malaysia illegally in a boat.

 The navy recovered 310,000 pieces of yaba worth Tk 124 million from another boat near Chera Island near St. Martins on Wednesday night.  At that time 10 people were arrested.  The detainees are: Shahjalal, Elias, Kala Mia, Md. Rafiq, Md. Abdur Rahim, Rabiul Hasan, Md. Ibrahim, Shukkur, Jasim Uddin, Rafiq.