BD IRON wins Gustave Trouvé Electric Boat Award

Published : 29 Jul 2021 09:23 PM

The Solar-Catamaran IRON made in Bangladesh has been crowned with the Gustave Trouvé Electric Boat Award for 2021. It has won the prestigious award under Customised/DIY electric boats category.

Gustave Trouvé Electric Boat Awards is the only electric vessel competition in the world organised by Canada's Plugboat.  The judging panel of Gustave Trouvé Electric Boat Association selected the winner from each category by voting, said a press release. 

IRON is a 20.5m/67 ft wood fiber composite solar catamaran custom built with six passenger cabins and used for tourism cruises of flooded river basins in an environmentally sensitive area of the country. Fully powered by rooftop solar panels and battery bank, IRON has been designed with an innovative hull to be extremely energy efficient for a large clocking speeds of up to 12 kmh when using only one of her two 8kW electric motors.