BD emerging market for electronic goods

Tarun Jain, Business Development General Manager, Hitachi Singapore  Recently visited Bangladesh when he shared his views with media and described stories behind the transformation of Hitachi brand.

He said the brand transformations began three years ago when Maxel acquired projector business of Hitachi in July 2013. The transformation in Bangladesh will happen through local distributor Unique Business System which may take several months to complete. Tarun said there have no challenges, as the brand will keep its business innovations in all aspect. Ultimately, the re-branding from Hitachi to Maxell will see no change in products beyond the logo, by putting Maxell brand on the projectors will further strengthen and expand business in future. The transition will see no change in products beyond the logo on projector, according to the official who also informed that Hitachi will continue in other consumer electronics segment. "Maxell has continued development and production of projectors under the Hitachi brand name and sold them worldwide. It has become popular among the consumer worldwide especially for its quality, reliability and technology" he said  adding that by building upon the established strengths of its proprietary projection and display technologies, Maxell expects its use of consistent design, production, and distribution network will ensure that Maxell brand projectors will be received enthusiastically by customers in each of the global regions it serves. He mentioned that Hitachi will re-brand only projector business. Other consumer businesses will remain unchanged.  Hitachi will be focusing the social innovation where Maxell will be focus business innovation. The Hitachi projector comes with distinctive imaging and optical technologies of Maxell which have been trusted and valued by the customers all over the world.  Terming Bangladesh as an emerging market for Hitachi, he said there are around 3 million projectors in the local market who will enjoy same facilities from our unchanged service channel.  Besides Bangladesh is transforming into digital where such branded product is required and keeping this in mind and to be with digital movement of the country we have re-branded our product. This is to mention that Maxell Group acquired the projector business from Hitachi in 2013. Since then, the Group has continued the development and production of Hitachi brand projectors and has been selling them worldwide.