BCS cadre Jolly working as volunteer at Media hub of CWG

Published : 02 Aug 2022 08:31 PM

Nigar Sultana Pervin Joly, a government high official, working as an education cadre in Bangladesh came in England a year back with having scholarship of the Prime Minster Fellowship on Doctoral Researcher, Environmental Health and risk management at the University of Brimingham.

Jolly now joined as a volunteer in the ongoing Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and working at the media center to help the journalists came here from home (England) and abroad to cover the event. Jolly having the journalist was very happy and had an interview with the Bangladesh Post on Monday. Jolly, in her introducing chapter replying to quires detailed all about her education here and experiences of working as volunteer with the media center along with English and the colleagues of some other countries.         

“I am Nigar Sultana Pervin Jolly, basically I am a civil service officer, an education cadre of the Bangladesh Government. I came here with the fellowship of Prime Minister to accomplish my PhD at the University of Birmingham on Doctoral Researcher, Environmental Health and risk management to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).  

Your involvement as volunteer in the games- “Our University is the co-sponsor of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, so the games authority emailed to all the students, whether we would interested to involve with the games. As it is a summer time, I think I can involve as a volunteer, everywhere the job is accepted and to do something for others is a great privilege, so I think I can involve myself.    

“From my childhood I was very fond of and involved with Girls-guide, Sports related activities, I did so many team works in Bangladesh, officially or sometimes forum of college and University. From that time I really get interest to work as volunteer and sports related works is my favourites.

“About 30,000 applied to work as volunteer, I was called on for interview on September 7 last year and had to face a long interview, result was out in February 2 this year and they told me ‘you are selected, we selected and chose you to work with us as a media team member’. As a member of the media team I am working in the media operation side.

“In fact, the total media team members I got none of our Bangladeshi here except me, though there are Indian and Pakistani and some other Asians, but maximum of them are borne and brought up here, actually, I am only one working in media team as a foreigner, I mean no nonresident person I got here working as member in media team.”