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BCG detains two with drugs in Barishal, Bagerhat

Published : 16 Jan 2021 09:47 PM

Members of the Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) detained two drug dealers and seized huge Phensidyl, beer and cannabis in Barishal and Bagerhat on Friday night (January 15), says a press release. 

In Barishal, South Zone members of BCG conducted an operation in an area adjacent to Lahar Hat Hogla of Kalabadar River under Sadar police station of Barisal district and searched ML Sohagi launch. They seized 40 bottles of Phensidyl and 24 bottles of beer from the launch. 

No one was arrested as the real owner of the drug was not found in the operation. The seized drugs were later handed over to the Department of Narcotics Control in Barishal.

In Bagerhat, two drug dealers were detained with 4kg drugs in two separate drives in Burirdabar area under Dakop police station of Khulna district and Bajua Garurhat area under Mongla police station.  

The detainees were identified as Sudeb Pramanya, 33, son of Krish Pramanya of Bajua village of Dakop police station in Khulna, and Sohail Haldar, 21, son of Jalal Haldar of Harintana village of Dakop police station in Khulna. 

It was known that each of them has been involved in drug business for a long time and they have been using drugs as well.

The seized cannabis and the drug dealers were later handed over to Dakop police station. 

The BCG press release says that regular operations in the areas covered by the Bangladesh Coast Guard to maintain law and order, public safety as well as to prevent piracy, robbery and drug control will continue.