BCCCI urges to avoid anxiety on Coronavirus

Published : 12 Feb 2020 08:59 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:43 PM

In recent times, China has been affected by novel coronavirus badly. Meanwhile, more than 40,000 people have been affected by this virus and 900 died in China, says a press release issued by Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCCI) on Wednesday. 

But the good news is Chinese government is doing their best to overcome this situation. As a result, they have been built a complete hospital for giving treatment of 1000 people within 10 days. It is learnt that, Chinese government has taken various initiatives including Wuhan state to tackle the worst situation. 

However, this is not only the situation for Chinese people but also a global problem. Every country should come forward for handle the situation.  China is the second largest economic country in the world. China is contributing 16 percent in world GDP. So that, any kind of pressure in China will hit the global economy. It is mentionable, in 2003 China had overcome the SARS virus situation. And turned around the haphazard situation and regain their largest economy.  

In fact, relation between China and Bangladesh is very friendly. China has already become Bangladesh’s largest trade partner. According to commerce ministry China has been invested around US$18 billion in Bangladesh for the last ten years. According to Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh imported goods worth US$1364 crore in FY2018-19, which is the 26.1 percent of total imported goods. 

On the other hand, Bangladesh exported goods worth US$ 83.12 crore to China, which is equal to 2.05 percent of total export of FY2018-19. In such a situation, no problem is seen for doing business among the two countries.  We all know, China is a big country. In fact, Hubei and its adjacent states have been identified as coronavirus affected area. 

As China raise their planned economic system, they have different places to manufacture different goods. Hopefully, China will minimize the loss and virus will not spread to other states. Bangladeshi people will not confused by any rumors. 

BCCCI is watching the situation deeply and working together with China and believes that Bangladeshi people will take this situation warmly and spreading their hand for China government and Chinese people to overcome the acute situation. And business and friendship between China and Bangladesh will lasts forever.