BCC opens inclusive digital opportunities

As part of the government's vision to digitize the country by 2021 and connect all the citizen together, the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) a statutory body under the ICT Division, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & IT is actively adopting IT infrastructure.

Development of National ICT Infra-Network for Bangladesh Government Phase-III (“Info-Sarker Phase-3”) project is an extension of government ICT network to the lowest tier of administration i.e Union level which is being implemented by BCC.  

The main objective of this project is to expand the network through 20,000 km optical fiber cable to 2600 selected unions, to strengthenthe capacity of Union Digital Centers (UDCs) to provide connectivity to offices, schools, colleges, growth center etc at the lower level and to connect selected 1000 Police officesthrough secured VPN to ensure seamless data communication among them. This project started January, 2017 and by this time 2300 unions (88%) and 996 police offices (99.6%) have been completed. The large-scale network coverage would improve the efficiency of the government routine affairs and reduce the administrative cost. In Bangladesh, Union Digital Centre (UDC) are one-stop shops serving rural citizen. Now these UDC are getting broadband internet connection from the concerned union Point of Presence (PoP) constructed under the Info-Sarker Phase-3 project. As a result, the most popular e-services(public & private)likebirth certificate, citizen certificate, migrant worker’s registration, mobile financial service etc are now serving smoothly to the rural people without surfing.

Besides UDC’s Info-Sarker Phase-3 infrastructure is being used to increase fixed Internet subscriber from 2.25% to 12% by the end of 2021 and GDP will increase by 1%.Towards the journey of Digital Bangladesh info-sarker phase-3 project is promotingeconomic growth by delivering 100services to 100 million citizens and establishing E-Governance. 

This project is also enhancingeducation quality, empowerment, strengthening law enforcement etc through ICT.  Info-Sarker Phase-3 Project has been conferred with three international prestigious award(1) WSIS Champion 2019 (2) ASOCIO Digital Government Award 2018 and (3) eASIA-2017 “Silver Award”.