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BCB announces Tk 35 lakh bonus for Tigresses

Published : 23 Jul 2023 08:41 PM
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The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has recognized and appreciated the outstanding performance of the Women’s cricket team against the Indian Women’s team. BCB on Sunday announced a Taka 35 lakh bonus for the Women’s team for their tremendous performance against the Indian Women’s team.

Such recognition and incentives can further motivate the players and contribute to the growth and development of women's cricket in Bangladesh. Congratulations to the Women's team on their remarkable achievement!

Despite losing the T20 series, their memorable performance in the three-match ODI series, which ended in a 1-1 draw with the last match being tied, is indeed commendable.

This performance will undoubtedly boost the confidence of the players and may also attract more attention and support towards women’s cricket in Bangladesh.

Beating India in the T20 format after a five-year gap and registering their maiden ODI victory against such a strong opponent is a testament to their dedication and progress in the sport.

However, what’s most remarkable is their performance in the third game, which resulted in a tie against India. A tied match against a top team like India is a remarkable achievement and shows the growth and improvement of the Bangladesh Women's cricket team. It demonstrates their ability to compete at a high level and not back down even in challenging situations.

Fargana Hoque Pinky’s century in the third ODI against India is a historic achievement for Bangladesh women’s cricket. By scoring 107 runs, she became the first Bangladeshi woman cricketer to hit a century in the One-Day International (ODI) format.

“We have a century in the series. Some of the girls played really good. We had given Taka 25 lakh for the team and for individual performance, like century and other performances, we had given some bonus separately. Overall the amount of bonus might be Taka 35 lakh,” BCB president Nazmul Hassan Papon said in a local hotel.

Papon admitted Bangladesh women’s team lacked enough facilities but has the fire to fight with neck-to-neck against any nations.

“I watched the second match sitting on the ground. That day too I said I was satisfied and not disappointed with the game (as Bangladesh lost the match).

There was only one reason behind saying that the Indian girls are much stronger than us. After England, Australia, India are the strongest team in women’s cricket. We cannot provide the same facilities to our girls as they provide,” Papon added.

The BCB president had already informed the skipper Nigar Sultana Joty about the bonus.

The BCB boss said the way they Bangladeshi girls played against India, it proved that they had already made a giant stride.

“The girls don’t think them a weaker side as we were used to think. They play with courage, no matter how strong the opponent. Winning the first ODI was an upset. I talked to the captain after winning against India. I said you girls will get a bonus if you win another match. To be honest, I myself also don’t believe that much. But they played very well. One thing we can say, no doubt everyone will admit that the girls are trying hard.”