BAU chicken farming becomes boon in Meherpur

Published : 06 Jul 2023 08:23 PM

More than 50 BAU Chickens farm have been established in Sadar Upazila with the support of local Daridra Bimochon Shangstha  (DBS) funded by Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) in Meherpur. 

Already, many have changed their economic status and become self-reliant by rearing these BAU chickens. This chicken is becoming popular as it looks and tastes as like as native chicken. As a result Due to the demand and price in the local market, the raising of these chickens is increasing day by day.

Bangladesh Agricultural University Poultry Science Department Professor Md. Ashraf Ali and Professor Md. Bazlur Rahman Molla researched for a long time and invented two new breeds named "BAU Bro Chicken or BAU Murgi". 

These two breeds of chicken developed by the university now stand as sustainable technology. Can be raised indoors like conventional broiler chickens. In 42-45 days these chickens weight about 1 kg which is marketable. At present, it is being sold in the market at the rate of 400 to 450 taka per kg like domestic chicken.

Rahila Khatun, a chicken farmer of Chakshyam Nagar village of Sadar Upazila, said that with the help of local organization DBS, 150 chickens were reared in the 1st stage and sold after one and a half months, they earned Tk 15,000. In the 2nd phase, she is rearing 150 more chickens. She has already started selling. She also said that this chicken looks like as native chicken, its demand is high in the market, so the price is also good.

Arjina Khatun, another farmer of Badibaka village of Sadar Upazila, said that there is no problem in rearing these chickens. No disease. There is so much demand for this chicken that many people in the area are buying it from her and raising chickens at home on a small scale. She also said that the advantage of raising these chickens is that they can be marketed in less time than domestic chickens.

Md. Ruhul Amin Sardar, officer of the Agriculture Unit (Animal Resources Sector) of DBS said, Bangladesh Agricultural University invented an advanced chicken breed. The mortality rate of this breed of chicken is very low. DBS is training the farmers on how to raise these chickens by providing chicken vaccinations and ensuring biosecurity. Farmers are benefiting as the production cost is low in rearing these chickens. 

District animal resource officer Dr. Md. Saidur Rahman said, farmers do not have to import chickens like broilers from abroad. These chicks are being produced at low cost in the country through artificial breeding. Antibiotics are not used in both breeds except for specific treatments. Currently, these chickens are being reared in several farms in Sadar Upazila through the pilot project of the local organization DBS. Various supports is being provided from the Animal Resources Office including advice to the farmers. He hopes that these two breeds will gain popularity in a very short time because of the production of these chicks in the country and the domestic climate.