Battlefield 2042's beta build is a ‘couple months old’

Published : 07 Oct 2021 07:37 PM | Updated : 08 Oct 2021 08:34 PM

DICE has confirmed that the ‘Battlefield 2042’ beta is old and isn't fully reflective of the full game due out in November. DICE is attempting to set some expectations as the ‘Battlefield 2042’ beta does feature some bugs and issues that may appear otherwise unusual to players. Although the beta is releasing a month ahead of launch, it's pretty common for developers to use older builds that are in good enough shape to branch off from the final game.

The ‘Battlefield 2042’ beta is now live for those who have pre-ordered the game and will open up to everyone on October 8. The beta will run until October 10, giving players plenty of time to get a taste of the new shooter before it releases. ‘Battlefield 2042’ is the last of the three big shooters to host a beta, but it's also arguably the most ambitious. With tornadoes, 128 players, and all sorts of chaos, it's the most taxing FPS releasing this year. Therefore, there will be some issues present in the build.

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During a press event, DICE confirmed the ‘Battlefield 2042’ beta is a "couple [of] months old" and they've already addressed some of the issues present in the beta for the full game. The developer noted changes for things like the kill feed, level-up noises, general polish, and balancing for the full game. Insiders claim ‘Battlefield 2042’ will not be delayed again and DICE seems to be confident in the product it is cooking up, so hopefully, DICE's claims are accurate.

The ‘Battlefield 2042’ beta will feature one map, Orbital, and Conquest will be the only available mode. The full game will be rather expansive as it will feature all of the core Battlefield modes, minus a campaign, and more. The new Battlefield Portal and Hazard Zone are confirmed to still arrive with the game at launch and are quite possibly enough to be their own standalone games. This is a massive undertaking for DICE, but if it pans out, it could be one of 2021's best titles.

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