‘Batman’ already knows how he would defeat ‘Iron Man’

Published : 07 Nov 2021 10:18 PM | Updated : 08 Nov 2021 04:16 PM

In the comic book universe of DC Comics, Batman has crossed over to the video game world of Fortnite before, and now after his latest brush with its ever-looping game of death, he’s found a way to beat Iron Man at his own game. Surprisingly, finding the weaknesses in Tony Stark’s armor so that Batman can handily exploit them is proven here to be way easier than he — or fans — could have ever suspected.

Seen in the beginning pages of the latest crossover event that combines two popular comic book and video game properties, Batman/Fortnite: Foundation #1, by Scott Snyder, Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, and Joshua Hixson, brings a mysterious Fortnite character named The Foundation to the shores of the DC Universe complete with a mission to close the newest open portal to Fortnite Island. Almost immediately getting into a scuffle with the Dark Knight of Gotham City himself, The Foundation gives Batman a matchup that’s as close as he’ll get to battling — and potentially beating — the real Iron Man in a fight.

Complete with a full-body suit of armor, flight capabilities, and more tech than you can shake a repulser at, Batman takes on this pseudo-Iron Man in a way that shows how easily he’d be able to beat Marvel’s most eccentric billionaire. And although Batman and The Foundation decide to join forces for the greater good before either is defeated, it’s clear during this battle that Batman already knows the best way to get a win against Iron Man, especially since Foundation has such a comparable suit to Tony’s.

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Saying, "You think you’re safe in that suit, protected. But it’s built like a human, which gives it weaknesses… pressure points. And I think I’ve figured out where its power source is,” Batman easily deduces a way to beat Foundation’s Marvel doppelgänger to a point that Tony Stark would barely stand a chance. Electrocuting Foundation with a special batarang, using a sort of bomb on the suit’s power source, and even utilizing some more specialized tech to try and take out Foundation’s life support, Batman easily hones in on what would help him beat Iron Man and runs with it.

Equipped with a similar suit of armor as Foundation’s, Iron Man’s biggest weakness is one that Batman is clearly already aware of considering the power source to Tony’s getup i.e. the giant glowing bullseye that is Tony’s chest piece, isn’t exactly hard to find. Far more visible and far more integral than what Foundation uses his for, Iron Man needs his arc reactor to carry out his job as an iconic hero in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Furthermore, Batman’s observations of Foundation’s suit’s weaknesses are so accurate that coupled with Batman’s knack for figuring things out on the fly and capitalizing on said things near perfectly, this encounter ensures that if Batman ever faced Iron Man, he’d no doubt come out on top.


So while Batman may not face Iron Man for real in this issue, he proves he’s already got the know-how to take Tony to task and destroy his suit in the process. Batman and Iron Man may never truly meet in comics anytime soon, but if they ever do, Tony’s going to have something to worry about.


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