Basantapur River Port likely to open new avenue of trade in south

Published : 06 Jan 2023 08:13 PM

The establishment of Basantpur River Port in Satkhira’s Kaliganj Upazila opened the doors of possibilities in South Bengal. This modern and eco-friendly Satkhira is going to usher in a new horizon in terms of foreign trade within Bangladesh with the establishment of “Basantpur River Port”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Shipping has issued a notification giving kind permission for the establishment of "Basantpur River Port".

A river port with immense potential is going to join the highway of development. The visionary of maritime Bangladesh, Father of The Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman sas the first to claim its own sea area for the country. The real journey of Maritime Bangladesh has started with the conquest of the sea under the leadership of his privileged daughter Prime Minister Deshrat Sheikh Hasina.

In continuation of this, along the outskirts of Ichamati river in Satkhira’s Kaliganj Upazila, bordering India, passing through Komarpur, Basantpur, Rathanpur, Bagmara area, it is about 35 km wide. In 1965, the process of establishing a naval port at Basantpur in Kaliganj Upazila at the mouth of Ichamati, Kalindi and Kakshiali rivers on the border between Satkhira, Bangladesh and India, but it was suspended due to the Indo-Pak war in 1965. Various structures still exist, including the Customs Office building. Later on February 21, 2018, District Awami League Industry and Commerce Affairs Secretary Ejaz Ahmed Swapan applied to the Ministry of Shipping along with the concerned department for the establishment of Basantpur Sea Port. With the recommendation letter of Sheikh Helal MP, Basantpur River Port establishment project finally saw the light of day with the concerted efforts of those concerned in establishing Basantpur Sea Port.

Basantpur on the outskirts of Ichhamati River bordering Satkhira India, about 5 km inland from the harbor mouth is a suitable area for the construction of river-ports in terms of nature and geography. Moreover, there is a lot of abandoned land for port development and further expansion. Besides, there is sufficient public open space for developing other infrastructure including public and economic zones. 

As a result, in addition to the construction of container, bulk, general cargo, LNG and passenger terminals, it will be possible to build economic zones, ready-made garment factories, fishery, mango, vegetable processing zones and other various workplaces.

If Basantpur River Port project is implemented, extensive employment will be created in various sectors. Due to the creation of new industrial zones, the people of the country along with the districts of Satkhira, Khulna, Jashore, along with the port, will get employment on the one hand, and on the other hand, important progress in the country's economy will be ensured. If these industries are developed around the port, it is expected that Bangladesh will soon stand tall as an exporting country in the world. 

This river port can make an important contribution to the supply of food grains to various regions of the country including Khulna, Jashore, Dhaka through Satkhira as compared to the road route, transportation and 

delivery of goods is more easy and cost-effective.

If this project is fully implemented, the country's foreign trade will expand greatly and new horizons will begin in the economy. Around the port, new industries will be built in the region, infrastructure will be developed and trade will expand greatly. As a result, there will be ample employment opportunities for the poor people in the southern part of the country and overall the benefits of the port's activities will spread across the country. It can be assumed that the establishment of this port will accelerate the economic activities of the country. As a result, the country will move forward on the path of forming the 'Golden Bangla' dreamed by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and this port will play a special role in building a happy, prosperous and developed Bangladesh free from hunger and poverty by 2041.

Economic Corridor is being developed in the interest of the overall economic development of South Asia in the joint initiative of Bangladesh, Myanmar, India and China. If the port is built near the Ichamati River, the neighboring country will become interested in taking the transit facility. Apart from this, this river port has the potential to become one of the most important ports due to the geographical location of India Satkhira.

The businessmen of Satkhira Bhomra land port said that as compared to the road, sea transport and transportation of goods is faster and easier, the possibility of export of fish and perishable products produced in Satkhira and South Bengal to neighboring India and abroad has begun. 

If the rapid river port is established, the fish traders of South Bengal including Satkhira will get relief for those involved in agricultural 

production, marketing and import and export. 

Farmers and producers will get fair price for their fish, mango and agricultural products. 

Employment will be created for many unemployed people of the country including Satkhira. The establishment of Basantpur river port will bring a radical change in the infrastructure sector of South Bengal.

District Awami League Industry and Commerce Affairs Secretary Ejaz Ahmed Swapan said regarding the establishment of "Basantpur River Port", "When the Basantpur River Port establishment activities were suppressed due to the 1965 Indo-Pak war, considering the socio-economic context of Satkhira, I demanded the establishment of a river port on February 28, 2021. I apply to the relevant department including the ministry. The Ministry of Shipping published the gazette approving the establishment of Basantpur river port through mutual discussion and feasibility verification between various ministries. He also said that since there are no more complications in the establishment of the river port, they drew the attention of the Ministry of Shipping, BIDBUTA and other concerned parties to start the process of establishing the Basantpur river port as soon as possible.