Bappy’s latest out on Oct 18

Entertainment Correspondent

Bappy Chowdhury starrer new film 'Dongiri' is going to be released by director Shah Alam Mondal. Bappy Chowdhury, Anisur Rahman Milon and newcomer Emiya Emi have acted in the film. In the film, the protagonists Bappy Chowdhury and Anisur Rahman Milon will be seen playing opposite to Emiya Emi.

The story and screenplay of 'Dongiri' have been done by Chachchuand Joseph Shatabdi. Director of the film said that the film is being released across the country on October 18.

Director Shah Alam Mandal said, “I am releasing the film on October 18 across the country. In the meantime I have registered with the Producers Association for the release of the film. I am completing the rest of the process for release. I will start a campaign in a few days.”

“I am giving a new heroine to this film based on an original story. Earlier, I brought in Pori Moni on to the scene and through this film I am bringing in Emiya Emi. Hopefully, Emi will make her place in the film industry through her talent in acting,” he added.

The dance is directed by Masum Babul, Saif Khan Kalu and Habib. Sabina Yasmin, Kumar Biswajit, Konkchapa, Rupam, Lemis, Pulak, Imran, Porshi and Hassan Imam have voiced the songs in the film. The film is produced by SS Kothachitra International.

Syed Hasan Imam, Laila Hassan, Aliraj, Sadek Bachchu, Aruna Biswas, Kazi Hayat, Amit Hassan, Zia Talukder, Ratan, SI Farooq, Kamal Patekar, Rezaul and many others have also appeared in the film 'Dongiri'.