Bappy, Adhora in shooting of film about corona

Corona virus has been the talk of town since its outbreak. And now, movies are being made in Bangladesh regarding this coronavirus. Syed Ahiduzzaman Diamond is making this film. 

The name of the film is 'Covid-19 in Bangladesh'. However, this is the initial name not the official one. The name may be changed later, the director said.

The shooting started on May 27 in the capital Dhaka. Shooting has also taken place on May 28 and 29 in different places of the capital.

Bappy Chowdhury is playing the lead role in the film. Adhora Khan is acting opposite him. Both took part in the shooting. 

Regarding the shooting of the film in Corona, director Ahiduzzaman Diamond said, “We have started shooting for the film. The story of the film is about the coronavirus. 

I thought now is the best time to start shooting the film because of the story. I have shot in all the places that need to be shot such as bus stop, railway station and other places. Everywhere was empty. There was no problem in shooting. We are shooting according to the health rules.”

Bappi Chowdhury said, “The story of the film is about the Corona virus. It has a beautiful story. So at this time I agreed to shoot even if it was a bit risky. Everyone is shooting with due awareness.”

Adhora Khan said, “The story of the film is very emotional. It is based on the current context. It is a blessing to be able to work on such a story. All the shooting is being done in compliance with all the rules and regulations.”

Although the director could not say when the film will be released, he said that it will be released in normal condition after coronavirus period is over.