Banned polythene use unbridled

Rid the world of plastics for better future

One of the main harmful and polluting substances of the entire world, polythene, has been in rampant use in the country despite a ban that was imposed in 2002. The use of polythene should have been stopped at that time but once again this harmful product is being used to its full menace in the country.

According to a report published in this daily, use of banned polythene bags is going on unabated everywhere across the country, creating environmental havoc, experts say. During this trying times when the whole world is sick with pollution, plastic ban is something that should be enforced with punitive action against its users.

Boycotting plastics and discontinuing the use of 

polythene bagsis imperativefor the welfare 

of the environment and in turn, the humanity

The report also elaborates on the country’s lakes, canals, rivers and even haors, baors, beels and all marshy lands are being seriously polluted in addition to destroying the ecological system. This is an issue that needs to be focused upon as we are living in a time when special emphasis is being given on the preservation of the environment and cleaning is going on extensively.

We believe that boycotting plastics and discontinuing the use of polythene bags is imperative for the welfare of the environment and in turn, the humanity. Above all, living in this modern time and age we should mobilise sufficient resources for research to rid the world of polythene.